Thursday, July 24, 2008

TOP CHEF: Operation Infiltration

After sitting at my desk for 2.5 hrs I decided I had well deserved a mid morning walk and went to survey the top chef scene.

1) Top Chef Season 5 is DEFINITELY currently being filmed at Craft. The street was quiet, trucks still parked out front, as I tried to be an inconspicuous as possible. This was difficult as curtains were pulled down and i couldn't see heads without peering into the window while on my tiptoes.
2) Observations:
There are four travel vans all named Charlie
Many people in Top Chef aprons were sitting inside Craft watching someone.
Tom was at the door getting make-up done! Yes even that bald head needs powder.
Something was brewing next door at the bar as well! Lots of people with microphones and
3) They were building a box out of wood outside that had stickered to it in big black letters:
FOOD PORN! See yesterday's post! This must be fate!
4) Operation Infiltration ideas. Please leave suggestions
a. Walk by, open the door to Craft, run in and run out
b. Get inside the food cooler!
c. Bribe the drivers and hide in either Charlie 1, Charlie 2, Charlie 3, Charlie 4
d. Get a microphone and headset, make a name tag, grab a clip board and pretend to be
part of the crew.


I have been plagued with a new form of celebrity captivation: Chefs, and not just all chefs: TOP CHEF. I am among a huge girl following completely smitten with Season 2, Sam Talbot and have dined at almost all of the restaurants in NYC that have sent chefs to the show. Needless to say I was ecstatic to learn that TOP CHEF SEASON 5 would be filmed in none other than Tom Colicchio's home turf: the Big Apple. Stalking begin!

Yet to elude crazed fans like me, Bravo continuously changed filming location- New York to Toronto to New Orleans. I happen to work around the corner from Tom's restaurant base and discovered this morning in front of CRAFT a large film crew. I thought HMMMMM. There were lots of trucks and FOOD COOLERS. And I thought HMMMMMMM. And so I asked a guy on staff what they were filming and he said "a commercial." and I said "really?"
And he said "actually I can't say" and I thought "TOP CHEF NYC! TOP CHEF NYC!" and then...i caught a glimpse of someone in a top chef chef apron!!!!

TOP CHEF!!!!! RIGHT HERE!!!!! How do I infiltrate?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

food porn

i've never been much of a newspaper reader - what can i say? i'm a trash tabloid kind of girl - but i just had a "milestone" birthday and i think i'm at the age where i need to be doing crossword puzzles daily. (but don't even think about asking me to switch to decaf. I'M STILL HUMAN!)

anyway, i nearly spat out my light-and-sweet gasoline when i came upon a true gem in this monday's paper. hugs and kisses to the boston globe for introducing me to my new favorite food porn site, TasteSpotting.

the pictures are all devastatingly beautiful, and i think even non-foodies will appreciate the aesthetic brilliance of this collection. CAUTION: MAY MAKE YOU EXTREMELY HUNGRY, EVEN THOUGH YOU JUST ATE.

consider yourselves warned.

(via the boston globe)