Friday, April 18, 2008


I love cheese. This is probably quite obvious given the title of our blog. Cheese tasting, at restaurants or stops into Whole Foods on Bowery, Murray Cheese, Essex Market, or my fridge may be may favorite past time. When I am in the mood for a creamy, smooth and flavorful goat, Humboldt Fog is solid. There is a line of vegetable ash in the middle, and gets creamier moving outward with a very light edible rind. I didn’t realize that this cheese has a place on every cheese plate until dining at Cork Wine Bar, a Washington DC new up and coming restaurant. With a group of six I was put in charge of the cheese plate. I was with my friend St. Louis Sam the Eater, who scanned the list and said, “I know its standard, but I can’t resist.” I realized that Sam had introduced me to this cheese while visiting me in New York last summer. I have consistently ordered it ever since. While I can always count on trying the most unique menu items with Sam, Humboldt Fog to him may be standard, but I prefer to think of it as a staple.

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